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Otaku's Edits

Gonzo Love!

Welcome to the coolest, best, and sexiest site in the entire world.  That is only because it is dedicated to a man who shares those three qualities.  That man's name is Mr. Dennis Gonzalez.  He is a Graphic Arts/Photography teacher at Clifton High School in Clifton, New Jersey.

This site is only meant to honor such a fantastic man.  There is no other purpose.  I have heard some people say that the material on this site is humorous... THEY ARE WRONG!  There is nothing humorous about this site.  It is a dedication site, and if you find it funny, you have serious mental problems.

Now, enjoy the sites material and keep an open mind.  But most of all, BE READY TO HAVE THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

If you do not believe me that this site is a serious matter, check out what the critics have to say:

    "Mr. D Gonzalez, a man of many talents.  By far one of the most deserving of a memorial site like this, teacher of the year,  MAN OF THE YEAR." ~ Brian Goglia

    "Its a suprise that such a handsome man can be so intelligent. He surpises me more and more each day." ~ Brian Goglia

    "Where should I start...Mr. G is by far the coolest man I have ever met (light years ahead of Mr. E) and his sarcastic remarks are sure to make anybody smile.  This guy is definitely the CREAM of the CROP, Mr. G, if you are reading this, we love you...WE ALL LOVE YOU!" ~ Tom Feliciano